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What is CU Environment Centre

The Charles University Environment centre, was founded as a part of Charles University in 1992. It conducts environmental research and provides environmental expertise and information for students, university staff and for the general public. The centre collaborates with parliamentary bodies, state administration, non-government organizations and many academic and research institutions both locally and abroad. CUEC consists of the three units: sustainable development indicators, environmental economics, and education and information for sustainable development.

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Position in CUEC: Researcher

Section: Environmental Economics and Sociology

Topics: public acceptability of climate change policies, environmentally significant behaviour (energy use in households, purchase and use of electric vehicles, and consumption of organic food), non-market valuation with focus on health benefits, health and environmental risk perception

Involvement in running projects:

LESY (TAČR, 2019-2023)

FE3M (GAČR EXPRO, 2019-2023)

COACCH (H2020, 2017-2021)

Curriculum Vitae: Europass

Publications:  Orcid - Scopus - ResearcherId


Evrironmental sociology


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