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What is CU Environment Centre

The Charles University Environment centre, was founded as a part of Charles University in 1992. It conducts environmental research and provides environmental expertise and information for students, university staff and for the general public. The centre collaborates with parliamentary bodies, state administration, non-government organizations and many academic and research institutions both locally and abroad. CUEC consists of the three units: sustainable development indicators, environmental economics, and education and information for sustainable development.

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We invite you to the conference Our Common Present 2016. Great expectations, projects and mistakes – efforts to understand and control nature in the past and the present. The conference will be held on March 31 – April 1, 2016, at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, square Jana Palacha 2, Prague 1, room 104 (1st floor) – the programme see here.

The aim of the conference is to provoke transdisciplinary discussions between ecology, society and culture to explore not only disciplinary, but also spatial and most importantly temporal overlaps – thus to reflect the human/nature relationship from a historical perspective, and to examine the possibilities and efforts to transform and coexist with nature. The Charles University Environment Center (this institution is the main organizer of this year's conference) in cooperation with other institutions, mainly the Institute for Contemporary History, wants to highlight historical experience in the context of current discussions about the contemporary complexity of and risk to world and attempts to find a way to remedy it.

Our Common Present (OCP) is a powerful metaphor that since 2011 has provided a framework for conferences organized by an interdisciplinary team from various academic centres – it focuses each year on combining practical interest in current social issues with an attempt to describe and analyse them more precisely. Involving a variety of experts and practitioners has always led to inspiring discussions whose themes are further developed in subsequent publications. Detailed information on the five conferences that have taken place so far can be found here: http://www.ecoology.org/.

Information about co-organising institutions (more about organizing team se here ) :

Charles University Environment Center (CUEC)

The Institute of Contemporary History , Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Faculty of Economics , University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

The Faculty of Arts , Charles University in Prague

Transcultural Communication , Faculty of Education, University of Hradec Králové

Society for Sustainable Living

Envigogika , specialist peer-reviewed professional periodical published by the Charles University in Prague.


Our recent publications

Milan Ščasný; Iva Zvěřinová; Mikołaj Czajkowski. Electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid, or conventional? Polish consumers’ preferences for electric vehicles. Energy Efficiency, December 2018, Volume 11, Issue 8, pp 2181–2201. Link

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Weinzettel, Jan; Pfister, Stephan. International trade of global scarce water use in agriculture: Modeling on watershed level with monthly resolution. Ecological Economics, vol. 159, May 2019, pp 301-311.  Link

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Weinzettel, Jan; Wood, Richard. Environmental Footprints of Agriculture Embodied in International Trade: Sensitivity of Harvested Area Footprint of Chinese Exports. Ecological Economics. March 2018,  145, pp. 323–330. Available for limited time here. Permanent link.

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Alberini, A., Bigano, A., Ščasný, M., Zvěřinová, I. (2018) Preferences for Energy Efficiency vs. Renewables: What Is the Willingness to Pay to Reduce CO2 Emissions? Ecological Economics. Permanent link.

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Kapitulčinová, D., Atkisson, A., Perdue, J., Will, M. (2017) Towards integrated sustainability in higher education – Mapping the use of the Accelerator toolset in all dimensions of university practice. Journal of Cleaner Production. Permanent link.

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Dlouhá, J.,  Henderson, L., Kapitulčinová, D., Mader, C. (2017) Sustainability-oriented higher education networks: Characteristics and achievements in the context of the UN DESD. Journal of Cleaner Production. Permanent link

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Dlouhá, J., Pospíšilová, M. (2017). Education for Sustainable Development Goals in public debate: The importance of participatory research in reflecting and supporting the consultation process in developing a vision for Czech education. Journal of Cleaner Production, Permanent link

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Janda K., Málek J., Rečka L. (2017) Influence of renewable energy sources on transmission networks in Central Europe. Energy Policy, Vol. 107, September 2017, pp 524–537 dostupný zde/available here

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