Environment Centre
During COVID-19 provisions most of our staff is working from home – you can reach the staff by email. For necessary phone contact be so kind and use tel. +420 724 698 016
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Keywords: environmental behavior; attitude; ecosystem services; socioeconomic valuation

Our team:  Markéta Braun Kohlová, Kateřina Kaprová, Jan Melichar, Petr Pavelčík, Jan Urban

Department for the Research on Environmental Behavior focuses on two main research topics. The first topic is the research on environmental behavior and its factors, including attitudes, beliefs, norms and values. We focus on main types of environmental behavior such as transportation and consumption of food and energies. We conduct laboratory, web-based and field experiments, and correlational studies. Our experimental research is done in part in our laboratory BERLAB (Behavioral Research Laboratory, https://www.czp.cuni.cz/orsee).

The second research topic of our department is applied research related to valuation of ecosystem services. We focus on analysis of demand for recreation services, socioeconomic valuation of forestry property, valuation of water management systems, and man-made landscape (e.g., as a result of coal exctraction). We also focus on the economic evaluation of wild tree species and the assessment of forest damage in relation to climate change and air pollution.

Current projects