Environment Centre
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Since 2001, to the Center belongs the Masaryk Library of Social Sciences in Jinonice, which serves students and staff at the Charles University. The choice of library resources is based on the pedagogical and scientific profile of study subjects of the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities, which are located in the same area. The library has approximately 7000 registered readers and is open to the public.

Over the past years it has been developing quickly, and the stock has grown to more than 75 000 units registered in the library electronic catalogue.

Every year around  2 million CZK is spent on the acquisition of new publications and about half of the annually acquired exemplars are foreign. The library has access to several on-line databases and hundreds of electronic journals. Confirming the uniqueness of the library collection is the still growing number of requests for interlibrary borrowing other libraries, and even of those abroad.

Over the years, a scientfic library of a very high quality with documents covering a wide spectrum of humanities has developed, while it cooperates with other institutions involved in constructing the Central Library and Information System of the CU, is one of the most active contributors to Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic and develops services not only for its readers, but also for a wider public. Through targeted acquisitions, the library focuses on the issues of sustainable development. Since 2005 init has been developing the Information Center for Environmental Sciences.

For more information about the library visit the web site on the library.